Discover Casa Haga: Where Passion Meets Palate

Nestled in Haaga’s heart, Casa Haga is your intimate escape into exceptional cuisine and curated wines. Born from a shared love for food and wine, it’s a place where locals and travelers unite.

Your Culinary Journey:
Step into Casa Haga, your haven for gourmet dining. Enjoy an ever-evolving wine list imported for quality and affordability.

Welcome Home:
Whether you’re a local seeking a new favorite spot or a traveler craving a unique dining adventure, Casa Haga welcomes you to our cozy wood house.

More info :       +358 50 55 33 234

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celosa 13,90€

Salad, fresh celary, fresh mint, red apple, slice pickle and some fresh slice onion dress up with our soija/ginger sour sauce (softly spicy).  

Mediterranea  13,90€

Salad, tuna, sun dried tomatoes, homemade roasted paprika, chickpeas, and roasted onion with our homemade “romesco” sauce.

Vegetarian option is also available on request.




Lentejas Rojas “de la ostia” 20 €

Jos olet espanjalainen, tiedät mistä on kyse. Punaiset linssit ovat suuri osa espanjalaista ruokakulttuuria, ja tässä perinteisessä muhennoksessa on myös paahdettua paprika, sieniä ja suomalaista perunaa. Annoksen kruunaa ihanan värinen tilliöljy. Todella maukas ja terveellinen annos espanjalaisilla mauilla.




Tabla mixta 15,70 €

Mixed selection of our cold cuts and cheeses.

Tapas plate 36,00 €

Selection of our cold cuts, cheeses and warm tapas. Ideal for sharing between two people and can be adjusted for more people for an extra charge.


Bocatas aka Spanish filled breads


Bocata Usera 13,80 €

Only in the area of Usera (Madrid) are over 35k Chinese people living. This bocata is a combination of cultures:  Black peper stew pork in slices, with our homemade asian sauce and fresh thin sliced onion

Bocata de Jamon del bueno with ”pan tumaca” 12,50 €

Jamon iberico, pan tumaca (tomato spread, garlic and extra virgin olive oil) and some extra Andalucian extra virgin olive oil.

Bocata de Chorizo Iberico with tomato 12,50 €

Chorizo Iberico Cular, tomato slices and extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia. With pan tumaca ( as in the upper bocata).

Bocata de Queso 12,50 €

Quality cheese “cojonudo”, extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia, warmed up a bit in the oven. (Highly recommended with an extra of roasted paprika.)

Extra topping 3,50 € (roasted paprika/ chorizo/ jamón/ cheese)




Churros con Chocolate 5,85 € (3 units) / 8,95€ (5 untis)

One of our specialities, a traditional Spanish pastry served with hot chocolate dip.